I‘ve recently stumbled upon Arabica, a beautiful because minimalistic theme for Ghost by Sean Lunsford.

However this post is not about the theme, but rather the words he used in the description of the theme.

Sometimes you see projects like this. Projects where developers put commitment and dedication into writing it, trying to provide a quality piece of software. Projects that, once finished, just feel wrong to be finished, because working on them brings enjoyment.

This is the situation where developers are tempted to just outright „never stop” their projects by writing things like Sean did in his description.

I‘ve (probably) more or less retired it from active development, but it‘s available on GitHub for anyone who wants to it on their own Ghost blogs.

It‘s a wonderful pointer at a part of the developer community of unknown size: the developers, that just love to code. And it‘s always great to spot such people.

I myself have a project that was shut down but i never truly abandoned the code, work and the friends that created it with me: myScotty. Shout out to all the great people that made it happen.

For many of us, coding is about creation, quality and perfection. It‘s fun. It‘s craft. It‘s what we do.

But please make sure not to overcommit to something. But once you‘re heart beats for something, see it through, embrace it and never forget: give back to your other developers.

Because open source and sharing knowledge is not a method, it‘s a way of living.