Random fact from my life at work: I’m moving into a new office. When i phoned the person that manages the seating i told her: “Two monitors, a 34” curved, and a vertical 24”. She responded with: “What are you using the vertical display for?!”

My answer was simple:

I use it for my terminal windows.

This is when it struck me: i use an entire display just for the terminal. Gosh, there where times where I hated the terminal. Terminal was just for those ultra nerds, doing backend stuff, or people that use ancient programming-languages like C or C++.

But over the past few years, the terminal had become one of my most important tools besides my IDE. I do so many tasks with it. The terminal is my Swiss-knife.

  • GIT (repairing stuff, drawing log-graphs, managing branches, and most importantly: rebase).
  • Software updates
  • Set up my dev environments on new machines - oh the time i saved through this.
  • build and test my software
  • monitor CPU- and RAM-usage

Also a lot of Alfred workflows i use utilize the power of bash.

I wish i had started working with the terminal earlier. Maybe even earlier than when i started studying Applied Informatics.

Not even for my personal use but also since most of the development stuff out there utilizes terminal application, from ruby to go to azure continuous integration, being able to write shell-scripts, understanding VIM, working using a vanilla git-installation, etc. helps tremendously in the daily work of a developer.

Yeah, but only for backend guys.

Nope, don’t let yourself fool you. If you’re really serious about informatics and especially software development, being a terminal ninja will come in handy.