A friend of mine invited me to the cinema as a late birthday present. He said:

We’re going to watch a movie by Peter Jackson. You’ll very likely like this.

Alright, what could possibly go wrong? 🤷🏻‍♂️

Turns out - a lot.

This movie is so scary and devastating, i cannot remember when i last experienced something so utterly horrifying.

Everyone should watch this movie.

But watch it in a cinema, please.

You gotta feel the sound of the bomb shells exploding right next you, while the veterans tell you their unbelievable stories.

Holy shit.

Big recommendation.

Also: this movie is completely uncensored and basically is all about death, sorrow and unbearable pain and horror. Never watch this with your kids.

This is not an enjoyable movie. It’s a very important movie - but by no means “fun”.

It’s reality. And this movie reminds me of an old saying: “Nothing is as cruel as the truth.”